mCcray and sons heat and air  CORE VALUES 


As a business owner, I am brutally honest to a fault.  This puts McCray and Sons in a sharp light and contrast to many other AC companies since the hvac industry understandably tends to have a poor reputation due to bad actors. We do not upcharge, we do not overcharge. We do not condemn functioning equipment.  We will however point out any needed issues and recommend replacement as needed based on industry norms and energy cost curves and anticipated maintenance schedules, but we will not push it too strongly because we know it is the customer’s decision what to do and how to ultimately spend their money.


THE HVAC trade is unquestionably complex.  Plumbing is involved, electricity is involved.  High pressures of federally regulated industrial chemicals are involved.  Not to mention trouble-shooting. A multiplicity of issues can camouflage themselves as the same root problem, and it takes an expert with the right equipment, and EXPERIENCE to not so quickly just dump a bunch of freon in your system, or replace the wrong part.  There are a lot of moving parts in AC and furnace work that all work together.  Sometimes there is a root problem that caused a certain electrical part to burn out, and you need to have someone who will identify the source of a problem, not just slap a new part in there and charge you money. McCray and Sons has years of experience to know how to repair and replace AC equipment the right way. And, when worse comes to worse, I am not afraid to say, “I am not sure.”  or even, “I do not know.”  As a mechanical contractor, the buck stops with me, and I need to know everything about AC equipment.  As humbling as it may be, if I think someone needs a second opinion, I am not afraid to tell them, and leave money on the table and a business reputation intact, or let someone else diagnose an issue so the customer can rest assured their compressor is truly dead if we say it is.


HVAC equipment is expensive.  Our equipment costs are high.  I personally have a minimum of 4 government licenses at any one time, and depending on municipalities working in, could have over 10.  I am licensed at the federal, state, county, and city level.  We are required to have 2 different forms of insurance.  The labor is technical, and requires a higher cost to keep good help around. BUT…undoubtedly the larger companies are charging a LOT of money.  They have higher overhead.  They have basketball and football related sponsorships to pay that YOU are paying for indirectly as their source of income.  They have to pass those costs on.  McCray and Sons Heat & Air is a value-run, economical company providing high quality air conditioning repair and replacement at an affordable price.  We are regular people just like our customers and we understand how valuable your money is to you—we sweat very hard for our money also!! We will always be an overall great value and price when you call us or choose us to do your hvac work.  Our pricing stays the same year round.