It's 2019. Time to replace my old HVAC system?

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

It depends. If you are reading this blog, you are probably wanting honest, unbiased information to help you determine when and if it is time for that new system you have been delaying investing in. And that is really the smart way to look at it. It is an INVESTMENT.

Assuming you are living in Oklahoma, you are spending a decent amount of money on electricity to cool your home for 6 months out of the year. You are probably also a homeowner if you are reading this blog. Whether or not you are selling or staying in the next 5 years, here is why you should replace the old HVAC system:

1. Having a new system is a major value-adder to home buyers. SO, if you will be selling your home soon, you can count on getting your money back plus more when it sells. It is also more likely to sell quicker when there is not deferred maintenance like an old HVAC system the new buyers have to calculate for.

2. New systems are substantially more efficient than old systems. You are staying put, but want smaller bills, right? Not only do you want to spend less on your utility bills, but you do not want to spend as much on maintenance. Remember, new equipment comes with labor and manufacturer warranties. We have noticed that once a system has an issue, we have 2nd and 3rd callbacks eventually for unrelated, other issues. I am saying, if your equipment is old and is starting to break down, it will keep breaking down in other ways even if you try to repair it initially. If it lasted 15-17 years, it did it's job. Anything over 17 years is gravy you should be thankful for. There are many moving parts, several motors, and all sorts of parts exposed to extreme temperatures that give out. Your HVAC system has a lifespan. Most people are driving newer cars, but they seem to want to spend the money repairing a 25-40 year old system that is the equivalent to a 70's car guzzling 3-5 mpg on the gas. It doesn't make sense, and it is time to REPLACE!

I am in my industry because I believe in what I do. I repair and replace, but

when I advise replacement, it is because I have seen those multiple breakdowns, and I have seen the large utility bills greatly reduced, so I know firsthand. If you want the numbers, look at it like this. Average repairs can range from $200, up to $600. There can be 7-10 different parts or repairs than can hit the upper range. Concerning efficiency, equipment that is merely 10 years old can be 1/2 as efficient as new equipment. Many people do not realize that efficiency reduces with time as well. Across the board with any brand of equipment, save for perhaps American Standard's proprietary compressor, you can count on losing 15% efficiency in the 1st 18 months of equipment. After 10-12 years, another 20-30 percent is lost. AND, older equipment was less efficient when it was put in. That means your 8 seer air conditioner around 15-20 years old is lucky to be pushing 4-5 seer. New equipment in the State of Oklahoma is minimum 14 seer. Those numbers are mathematically comparable, so you can look at your AC electricity costs easily reducing by 60-75% when you replace your equipment. Do the math on what your electric bill is for the 6 months you utilize air conditioning, add a little in for repair, and you can calculate for yourself what the payoff will be by INVESTING in new equipment. You will save money in the long run. You will have peace of mind. You will increase the value of your home.

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